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The Wise King Team

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Bartender and co-founder of The Wise King, Sandeep Kumar, from Bangalore, India, has acclaimed 20 years of experience and has made his mark in the bar industry world wide and currently resides in Hong King.


Sandeep Kumar has spent his life working with thoughtful and creative cocktails, becoming a distinctive and respected bartender. Being under the long-time tutelage of Giancarlo Mancino, he has molded and created a cocktail style that could be described as classic with a contemporary style.


Since he became the first Indian Bacardi Grand Prix National Champion in 2006 and was again bestowed the coveted title in 2008, his name has been ringing in the bartending world. 

In July of 2018, The Wise King, a multi-award-winning establishment, included in Asia’s Top 50 Bars awards list 4 years in a row was launched.

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